'Cause there's more to life than just to live.
I don’t know which life problem is worse


The things I do for the Jonas Brothers vs The things the Jonas Brothers do to me

  • interviewer: have you ever date a fan?
  • nick jonas: I'm open to that. Our fans now look really good.
  • you: *look at myself in the mirror* he's not talking about me.
  • me: *flips hair* The line starts here and curves back around the whole block but uh...you're so irresistible I'll let you in as a V.I.P. And you can bring that +1 *wink*


I guess Kevin is everyone’s favorite now. 

I mean Joe is terrible for forgetting words, and I guess is on drugs.

Then Nick is also a horrible person because he likes to date older women. 

I mean god forbid they say something this fandom doesn’t like.. 


Everybody here got to meet the Jonas or are getting to meet them soon and i’m here…waiting for a miracle lol

I’m so unlucky.